What would you like to read? Suggest Books for Your Library

Dear Students

Think about the books you would like to read and would like to have in your library. Post your suggestions here as a comment or make your suggestion in the register. You may also make an online suggestion at the
 library website

Please confirm that whether the book is already available in the library before making your suggestion.
Provide the title, author and publisher of the book. As usual, your suggestions will be given importance and we will try to get them at the earliest. You will be notified when the book is available for borrowing.
Thank you...



S.No. 01                                                                                                             Date: 05/08/2008

1.      Author of the Book : J. K. Rowling
2.      Title of the Book : Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
3.      Name of the Publisher : Bloomsbury
4.      Place of Publication : London
5.      Year of Publication : 2006

How to Select a Good Book

·  The cover of the book is the first to check. Looks good? Go on, take it. But remember – a book cannot be judged only by its cover.

·  Go through the summary given on the back cover or inside flap. Does the book sound like something you would enjoy? 

·Skim the text, specially look for illustrations. Good pictures will help you understand the topic better for non-fiction books and it will be an added attraction for stories and novels. Here your age also matters!

·  Check the New Arrivals Rack in the library or the bookstore.

· Look on the recently returned bookshelf. You will get some good choices. It's a good guest that the books taken by someone else may be a good one. 

·   Get suggestions from your librarian, who would be glad to help you and may be knowing your likes and dislikes!

·    Ask the recommendations of your friends and ofcourse, discuss the books you have read.
·    Your teachers are the best sources. Read the books they might have discussed in the class

·   Check the credentials of the authors. If you liked a book by an author, most probably you would like his other works too!

·   Go for books published by well-known publishers. They select their books and authors judiciously. So you can rely on them.

·   Browse through the library shelves. Something will catch your eye. 

·   Read the book reviews on Newspaper, Magazines and Internet.

A Word of Caution

"No good book, or good thing of any kind, shows its best face at first"
- Carlyle

So, do not judge a book by reading just the first few pages.


  1. : 1
    author : Bryan Earl , LDR Wiford
    title : Cambridge IGCSE chemistry 3rd edition 2
    author : Chris Pearce
    title : Cambridge IGCSE maths student book
    publisher : collins

  2. 3
    author : Mary Jones & Geoff Jones
    title : Cambridge IGCSE biology coursebook

  3. please !!! it is my sincere request that these books should be made avail in the library as soon as possible.

  4. 1. Planetology: Unlocking the Secrets of the Solar System
    Tom jones ; Ellen stofan - Author
    Published by National Geographic (2008)
    ISBN 10: 1426201214 ISBN 13: 9781426201219

  5. Exploring Venus as a Terrestrial Planet (Geophysical Monograph Series)
    Published by American Geophysical Union, 2007
    ISBN 10: 0875904416 / ISBN 13: 9780875904412

    Title : Conquest of happiness
    Author : Bertrand Russell
    Title : The consolations of philosophy
    Author : Alain De Botton
    Title : The art of loving
    Author : Erich Fromm
    Title : The unbearable lightness of being
    Author : Milan Kundera
    Title : Devil may cry
    Author : Sherrilyn Kenyon

    1. 1 title : English language & literature for IB diploma
      author: brad philpet
      publisher : cambridge

    2. 1 author: david sang
      title : Cambridge IGCSE physics course book second

  7. serial no.1
    Author of the Book : Stephen hawking
    Title of the Book : Universe in a nutshell
    serial no.2
    Author of the Book : Stephen hawking
    Title of the Book : Theory of everything
    serial no.3
    Author of the book : Stephen Hawking
    Title of the book : Hawking on the big bang and black holes
    serial no.4
    Author of the book : The God Delusion
    Title of the book : Richard Dawkins

  8. serial no. 1
    author of book: laurie friedman
    book Mallory Mcdonald new series
    serial no.2
    reference book of maths

  9. serial no. 1
    author of book:Laurie Friedman
    title of book: Mallory new series
    serial no.2
    Reference books for sst

  10. serial no.1
    author of the book:stilton
    title of book:all the edition of geronimo stilton
    serial no.2
    reference books for:sst,science,english grammar,maths

    there are very few reference books for chidren & by that they can prepare thei r half of the exam with help of these books

  11. serial no. 1
    author of the book: jeff kinney
    titlen of the book: diary of a wimpy kid old school
    serial no. 2
    author of the book:james dashner
    title of the book :infibnity ring whole series