• Class VI-XI students can participate, individually or as a Team of Two.
  • Prepare Powerpoint Presentations on any General Knowledge Topics or Themes. See some suggested topics below.
  • Maximum 20-25 slides (you may include texts/ images/videos or animations). If it is in a quiz format, include the question and the answer on the same slide.
  • The first slide must consist of the details; G. K.Topic, Name, Class & Division of the Student.
  • Completed ppts should be sent to dldavlibrary@gmail.com on or before 31st  August 2018.
  • Winners will be awarded prizes and certificates.
  • For more information, visit the Library or Ask your Librarian.

G. K. Hunt 2018: Suggested Topics

  1. India-States
  2. India-culture
  3. India-Personalities
  4. India-Sports
  5. India-Arts (music, dance, drama, painting, etc)
  6. India-History, Monuments, Years
  7. India-Freedom struggle
  8. India-Constitution
  9. Cities & Rivers
  10. National symbols, Awards
  11. Awards and Honours
  12. Books & Authors
  13. Science & Technology
  14. Currency & inflation
  15. Asian Games
  16. National Games
  17. World Cup Football
  18. Cricket
  19. International Airports of India
  20. UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India
  21. International Boundary Lines
  22. Sobriquets of India/World
  23. Languages of India
  24. Hill stations
  25. Libraries, Museums
  26. Higher learning institutions
  27. Dams & Rivers
  28. Stadiums and grounds
  29. Lakes
  30. Census

You may select any one from the above list or have a new one of your choice.

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